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Steve H.

“They are able to deliver the product we want and need, and they do it quickly and in a cost-effective manner.”

Pannam Imaging

For over 30 years, engineers have trusted Pannam Imaging for reliable operator interface electronics installed in demanding operating environments. Pannam Imaging is trusted by several leading equipment manufacturers including Lincoln Electric, Nilpeter, and Pepperl Fuchs.

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The Engineer’s Product Design Kit from Pannam

Product design engineering is a complex lengthy process requiring regular collaboration with your design team, getting feedback and working through multiple iterations to achieve the ideal balance of form and function.

It’s critical that you perfect your methodology, design processes and have the latest technology to make continuous process improvement and maximize your productivity.

To help you reach those ends, we at Pannam Imaging have put together this essential toolkit for product design engineers with a host of valuable tips and tools.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Pro tools and apps to boost your design productivity and efficiency
  • Expert insights from industry from thought leaders on how to conquer some of the biggest product design challenges
  • Where to find the best articles and communities for the latest in product design news and trends

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