PNI Rubber Keypad Switches
Rubber Keypad Switches

Economical and Durable
Advanced technologies and full-service facilities assure quality design, while keeping costs down.

“They're very responsive, professional and just good guys...They are able to deliver the product we want and need, and they do it quickly and in a cost-effective manner.”

Steve H.

PNI Rubber Keypad Switches

Custom Rubber Keypad Switches

Chemical & High-Impact Resistant

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Features - Benefits
Environmental sealing - Moisture resistance
Excellent weatherability - Temperature stable
Anti-Corrosive - Resists oil, chemicals, and rust

Proven Market Experience
Medical, industrial, automotive, health and fitness, military, consumer electronics, and more.

Custom Rubber Keypads for Harsh Environments and Applications

Experienced sales, engineering, and manufacturing teams provide you with a robust yet cost-effective advanced interface solution. We specialize in applications that demand the highest level of integration, execution and reliability.

PNI has been designing and manufacturing advanced interface solutions for more than 30 years. Our culture fosters an environment of innovation, collaboration, cost reductions, superior quality and continuous improvement.

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